31 Days of Global Flavors: Day 30

31 Days of Global Flavors: Day 30

Today is day 30 of National Nutrition Month and my series of “31 Days of Global Flavors.” Throughout the month I have been highlighting dietitians and the global foods and flavors they love. Today is the day to celebrate pineapple.


For centuries, the pineapple was used to symbolize hospitality. Christopher Columbus introduced the fruit, which is native to Central and South America, to Europe after he discovered them in the Caribbean. Today, Hawaii is the leading producer of pineapple.

Photo courtesy of Ashley Lima

I love using pineapple in a variety of dishes to add a sweet-tart flavor.  You can enjoy it slices or cubed, or you can add it to sweet or savory dishes. Here are several of my favorite ways to use pineapple in the kitchen:


Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND of Toby Amidor Nutrition, PC