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How much is Liposuction in Australia?

Liposuction has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for over a decade now. Lipo can help eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and improve the contour of your body. The Liposuction procedure can be done on nearly any part of the body; abdomen, thighs, waist, and chin are the most common ones. 

Liposuction is not a weight-loss solution or alternative.  If you are looking for a way to lose weight we suggest other methods – Diet, exercise or weightloss / bariatric medical procedures.

One of the prime concerns of patients interested in Liposuction is the cost of the procedure. As common as the procedure is, it is difficult to determine the exact price of the procedure. This is due to the fact that there are a number of factors that influence the cost (see below).

Each individual is different with their own unique anatomical requirements, therefore, it is difficult to advertise a specific cost for any cosmetic procedure, including Liposuction.

The best way to determine the exact price of a procedure is to call the clinic team and book a consultation with the surgeon to get a customised quote.

Liposuction Available at Coco Ruby

PLEASE NOTE – Plastic Surgeons at Coco Ruby Clinic in Melbourne only perform small-volume Liposuction on Non-Smokers with BMI < 32 – and usually in conjunction with Breast or Body Surgery – Please enquire with the team.

LARGE VOLUME liposuction or MEGA Liposuction is NOT recommended.

WARNING! – Liposuction is not a Weight Loss Method

To be a good candidate for Liposuction you need to have a relatively stable body weight. However, you will still have stubborn fatty pockets or areas to smooth out that exercise and diet will not shift. It is absolutely NOT recommended to perform mega-liposuction for removing huge volumes of fat & fluid as some ‘cosmetic cowboys’ would offer. Liposuction also does not remove cellulite, dimpling, stretch marks or any other skin irregularities

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Cost of liposuction Melbourne

Different Liposuction Methods

Type of Liposuction also impacts the cost. Certain surgeons prefer one technique over the other for better results. So, let’s discuss the main types of liposuction techniques:

1. Tumescent Liposuction

The surgeon usually injects a sterile solution comprised of saline solution, local anaesthetic and adrenaline.  This ensures the blood vessels constrict making a less bloody procedure, it also softens the fat.

2. Laser-Assisted Liposuction

This technique involves breaking down fat cells with the help of laser light while still using a cannula for fat removal.

3. Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction or Liposaver

The surgeon will use an ultrasonic metal rod that ruptures the fat cells, this makes it easier to remove the fat.

4. Vaser Liposuction

This technique is “vibration amplification of sound energy at resonance”.  It uses ultrasound technology to disrupt the bonds between fat cells.  It is similar to Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction (method above) and can have a skin mild tightening effect..

Liposuction Prices in Australia – How much is Liposuction?

Australian Liposuction Prices vary.  Some doctors and surgeons charge per hour and others charge per body area. The pricing given here are an average price for the surgeon fee per hour (hospital charges and anaesthetist etc are extra on top of this).

Every Australian liposuction doctor, surgeon or clinic charges depending on their skill, location and level of care and support  – Guide to Doctor/Surgeon fees for liposuction

  • $3,000 – $6,000 for one hour (surgeon fee only)
  • $5,000 – $10,000 for two hours (surgeon fee only)
  • $7,000 – $12,000 for three hours (surgeon fee only)
  • $10,000 – $20,000 for more than 4 hours (surgeon fee only)

What Impacts the Cost of Liposuction in Australia?

Doctor or Surgeon’s Fee

The surgeon’s fee usually covers the procedure and post-op care and reviews. Most surgeons won’t charge you for post-op care and reviews but some do. How much a surgeon charges is essentially up to them.  They usually calculate their expertise, professional qualifications, how long they have been performing the procedure, recognition, location etc. A celebrity surgeon will definitely cost way more than someone who is equally fabulous but not so popular.  Remember social media doesn’t equal qualified.

It is important that you do your homework before selecting the right surgeon.

There are many doctors that say they perform Liposuction, however, they are not Plastic Surgeons and do not have the training to perform the procedure. Avoid choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon.

Hospital or Surgical Facility Fees

Liposuction should always take place in a hospital/surgical facility. We do not recommend local anaesthetic for this procedure. The fees of the facility will be included in the overall quote given to you. Typically, hospitals charge on an hourly basis, and the prices will vary from one place to another based on the facilities, reputation, location, etc.  Liposuction can be performed as a day procedure but you may be advised to stay overnight – this is up to the surgeon.

Anaesthesia Fees

In most cases, calculating the anaesthetic fee is based on an hourly rate.  On average, anaesthetic fees in Melbourne, Australia are approximately $400-$800/hour+GST.

Assistant Fees (if required)

There are a lot of people that are part of your surgery besides your surgeon. A number of medical assistants and nurses are also part of the process. Their fees are also included in the overall price quoted to you.

Prescriptions for Medication and Post Surgery Garments

You will receive medication for your pain and discomfort to make the recovery easier. The cost of medication is separate from your other costs because not all patients can take the same medication and may have allergies etc.  The hospital will charge this to you.

Post-Surgery Compression Garments

Regardless of the type of Liposuction you undergo, you will have to wear a compression garment for an extended period post-surgery. These garments help with the post-liposuction swelling and bruising.   Our pricing includes these garments but not all surgeons or practices include this – it’s a good thing to ask during your consultation.

Medical Tests needed

The surgeon will discuss any test that they may want you to do prior to surgery, this is to ensure your safety.  Some patients have heart conditions, blood clotting or thinning etc.  Your surgeon will discuss these things with you during your consult. You will have to pay for these tests yourself, however, Bulk billing is available in some circumstances.

Post-Op Care and Follow Up Visits

After Liposuction, you will have to come in for a series of follow up visits to ensure everything is healing as it should. All the costs associated with post-operative care and surgeon’s visits should be covered in the liposuction cost but always ask.

Liposuction Prices Melbourne

Why Do Liposuction Prices Vary?

The prices of liposuction surgery will vary based on: 

Who performs the surgery?

  • The experience and expertise of your surgeon will be one of the determining factors of how much you will have to pay for Liposuction. A surgeon with ten years of experience will cost you more than someone with two years of experience.

What type of Liposuction is being performed?

  • The type of Liposuction will also play a major role in determining the overall cost of the procedure.

Where is the Liposuction being performed?

  • A quality accredited facility should be the only place you have any procedure, not a back room clinic or a shop front. 
  • Make sure your surgeon uses a facility that is accredited and well-equipped.

How Can I Determine The Exact Price I Will Pay for Liposuction?

As discussed earlier, the cost of Liposuction will vary based on a number of factors. The only way to determine exactly how much you will be paying for the procedure is by booking a consultation with a surgeon. The surgeon will have a look at your areas of concern, your aesthetic goals and will present you with a final quote.

How to find the best Liposuction Surgeon in Melbourne

Here are a few tips that will help make the right choice:

1. Ask Around Your Family and Friend Circles

The first step toward finding a surgeon you trust is asking around in your social circles. Liposuction is more common than you think, there might be someone in your social circles who has had the procedure. If they have had a positive experience with someone, note down their details. You can also ask your local GP to make recommendations.

2. Research your surgeon on the Internet

The internet is a good tool to research your potential surgeon. You can find plenty of review sites and forums that share detailed experiences of different people. Make sure you are able to differentiate authentic reviews from fake ones. The internet shouldn’t be the only way you find your surgeon.  You need to look at reviews, talk to a GP for recommendations and ask around your friends and family as well.  You can then make a shortlist to contact.

3. Check out their Credentials and Experience

Make sure that the surgeon performs Liposuction as one of their main procedures and are a member of ASPS and RACS (FRACS).  Someone could have ten years of experience and only done a few liposuction surgeries. That is not the surgeon you are looking for. 

4. See their Before and After Pictures

You can find before and after photographs of different patients on the websites of the surgeons. Some have more than others – we have to have written consent to use peoples’ images online we cannot just put things on the internet.  You can always ask to see some onsite at your consultation.

Choosing the best Liposuction Surgeon

Making the Right Choice

While you are thinking hard about selecting a surgeon and overviewing the prices, it can get quite tempting to pick the cheapest option available. We understand that cost is a very important factor when selecting the right surgeon but it should never be above your health.

While researching, you will find a number of clinics overseas that are offering Liposuction at a throwaway price. However, we would advise against it for the following reasons:

1. Safety

Australian surgeons follow a strict set of medical standards. It is not the case for a lot of foreign surgeons. You shouldn’t compromise your safety and health even if you have to pay a little extra for it.

2. Insurance – Be Insured!

Medical emergencies and post-surgical complications can occur with any type of cosmetic procedure. If you are getting the surgery in Australia, your health insurance may cover some of the costs for complications related to surgery. If the surgery is done overseas there is no cover applicable here.

3. Post-Liposuction Care

You need time to heal post-liposuction. It is not wise to travel immediately after Liposuction. Instead, you should spend this time resting and taking care of yourself. Moreover, you won’t be able to access post-lipo care the way you would be able to access here. You are required to come in for multiple follow-up visits which are necessary to ensure your safety. Getting the surgery done elsewhere means you’ll have to skip on the post-op appointments (which is never recommended).  Surgeons are not keen to see patients who had surgery elsewhere as they know nothing about your surgery or how it was performed and by who etc and they cannot talk to the surgeon.  You will more than likely have to see a GP for these visits.  If you require revision surgery it can be double what you paid the first time.

Medicare and Other Health Funds

Medicare and/or other health funds WILL NOT pay for Liposuction as it is an elective cosmetic procedure and it is a choice you are making it is not medically necessary. You will have to pay for the procedure completely out of your own pocket. You can find financing options online if you would like some assistance for payment.