Success at Tufts clinic: ‘It’s in the bag’

A big part of being a great provider to your patients is arriving to the clinic prepared. My clinic bag has all the things I need to ensure a successful appointment.

My bag is a new addition to my clinic essentials, and it has made a world of a difference. The pockets on the outside and inside of the bag help keep all my supplies in their respective spots so it’s easier to locate.

Although I keep a traditional blood pressure cuff and stethoscope in my bag to ensure an accurate reading, I love using my electronic blood pressure cuff for appropriate patients.

PPE is essential for keeping me and my patients safe. I chose fun colors and patterns to stand out in the sea of blue PPE swarming the clinic.

I always keep my business cards on hand so my patients can refer me to their friends and family.

My black patient binder holds every document related to my patient’s treatment along with my notes so I have a record of everything at the tip of my fingers.

I always have snacks in my bag for a quick break between back-to-back appointments.

Transitioning from didactic lectures to working in clinic on real people is the most rewarding experience. My magical bag of supplies and the support from my friends and faculty have made this experience special. I’m excited to continue the rest of my journey in clinic and see the new tools that join my clinic bag.

~Shafa Nathani, Tufts ’24