The Perfect Blend Of Fashion And Wellbeing

Everyone knows that regular exercise and mindfulness have health benefits. But only a few know that just wearing jewelry can help you stay healthy. We are talking about gemstones here. The use of gemstones for medicinal purposes dates back to the Middle Age. While several stones have health benefits, we will be talking specifically about ruby in this post.

The precious red-colored stone is said to have more health benefits than all the other gemstones. Sun, which is helpful for bones, eyes, and heart, controls the ruby. You can easily embed a ruby gemstone in any form of jewelry, including a ring, pendant, earrings, etc.

While the choice of jewelry depends on your preference, it is advised to embed a ruby in a ring. When embedded in a ring, the ruby can be quickly applied to other body parts for better food circulation, healing, and other health benefits that we will go through in this post.

You can visit a local jewelry store to select the ring design and ruby shape you like. You can also browse online to get a diverse range. Online retailers usually provide more options than local stores. For instance, online seller the Leibish offers hundreds of options for different stones, shapes, sizes, and designs so that you always find your perfect ring.

If you look at Leibish’s rings on its website, you’ll get several options to choose from so that you don’t have to compromise on style and fashion. Now coming to the wellbeing aspect of ruby, here are some benefits of wearing a ruby gemstone.

The Facilitator Of Blood Circulation

Ruby’s red color represents blood. It is believed that wearing a ruby ring or other jewelry can increase blood circulation. According to astrology, ruby is associated with the base chakra in the spine and helps energize the body. The positive energy leads to an improvement in blood circulation.

Improved blood flow also keeps you protected from several health problems. For instance, due to its blood flow improvisation capability, ruby helps minimize the psychological and physical impacts of menstruation.

A Safeguard For Your Heart

With proper blood flow, ruby also proves to be a shield for your heart. It protects you from health conditions like acidity and cholesterol, leading to significant cardiovascular problems like heart attacks. Minimizing the risks of heart diseases is one of ruby’s most promising and praised health benefits.

If you are facing any troubles related to the heart, give ruby a try, and you can see the results yourself. For minimizing acidity, you can try dipping your ruby ring into the water 4-5 times and drinking it post meals.

The Bone Strengthener

Ruby is directly associated with karaka in astrology. Hence, it is said to have a significant positive impact on bones. Karaka in astrology means the operator. It is a planet that controls certain factors in astrology. Ruby’s affiliation with the bone’s karaka is its secret to the significant impact of healing the bones.

Hence, it can keep medical conditions like osteoporosis away from you. Whether you are a youth suffering from frequent bones and joint pains or an aging individual with low bone density, ruby can prove to be helpful.

The Sight Improviser

Eyes are delicate organs and require immense care, and ruby can help protect them from medical conditions like cataracts. The red gemstones have a natural aura and can help towards improving eyesight.

The Self-Esteem Booster

Ruby can absorb all the negative feelings within your body to help improve your self esteem. It works on emotional intelligence to drive away negativity and positively change confidence. One of the ways this is done is by circulating oxygen-rich blood cells in your body. As ruby is a suitable blood circulator, it removes all the toxic substances from your body and boosts positivity.


Besides all the health benefits listed above, ruby is also said to help with skin conditions, alertness, and depression. When you wear a ruby embedded in a ring, pendant, earring, or other jewelry, it heals your inner aura and calms your body for overall well being.

It is one of the powerful gemstones with immense astrological powers proven helpful to humankind for ages. So if you are suffering from any of the problems listed in the article, buying a ruby gemstone is one of the best decisions you can make. Head to any local or online store, pick the shape, size, and design that suits your style needs, and leverage its health benefits.