Don’t Let Bad Back Pain Ruin Your Life

If you are feeling fed up of suffering from bad back pain each and every day then it may be worth trying some alternative therapies and solutions to help you function better with less pain. Back pain can really be debilitating so dealing with it early can make all the difference.

Try Alternate Medicine

Before you reach for the nearest pack of painkillers it may be worth looking into alternate types of medicines and therapies. Painkillers are good at temporarily numbing the pain so you can go about your daily activities, however you have to be careful that you don’t take too many in a short space of time. Painkillers have been known to be addictive so it is certainly worth looking into different methods of dealing with the pain.

You could try visiting a massage therapist to see if some deep tissue pressure can relieve your pain. You could also try the age-old Chinese medicine of acupuncture, which has been known to relieve back pain in many patients.

Explore Surgery Options 

It may come as a shock to you but some back conditions require surgery to fix them. Your doctor will be able to tell you our options regarding your back pain when you visit them. Surgery however should never be your first option, it could work but it may not be a quick fix. Once you have exhausted all other options you should explore surgery.

When you have back surgery you will need to be given a general anaesthetic. This ensures you are asleep and will not feel anything while surgery is being performed. Finding a great anaesthetist such as Dr Singh will put your mind at ease in the run up to your surgery.

Improve Your Sleep Environment 

There may be a very simple reason for your bad back pain. One of which could be that your mattress is causing you some issues. If your mattress is too old or too soft then it can have an impact on your spine and back muscles. Your mattress should be replaced every eight years, after this it can become lumpy and the springs worn.

You could also think about changing the position you sleep in to see if that improves your back pain. If you are a front sleeper or a back sleeper you could try sleeping on your side to reduce the amount of pressure on your back.

Think About Aquatherapy

Aquatic therapy is a type of physical therapy performed in water. The water helps assist the patient make the correct movements while being assisted by the force of the water. If you suffer from lower back pain then aqautic therapy may be able to help you.

Being in water is great for you and your body in general. If you can’t find a suitable aquatic therapy centre then swimming is a great exercise that can help loosen up stiff joints.

We hope this helps you understand some of the steps that you can take to ensure that bad back pain doesn’t ruin your quality of life.