Tooth decay is particularly prone. Is that you?

Some patients say that I brush my teeth every day and don’t eat sweets, but I often have tooth decay. Does tooth decay also vary from person to person?

Yes. Tooth decay is the common name of dental caries. The susceptibility to caries varies greatly among individuals. Healthy teeth and a good oral environment can resist the occurrence of caries.

There are many factors that affect the occurrence and development of dental caries, but in general, the host’s anti-caries ability is mainly manifested in the teeth and saliva of the oral cavity. The effects of systemic factors are not direct or decisive. They indirectly influence the occurrence and development of caries by influencing the anti-caries ability of teeth and saliva.

The tooth’s anti-caries ability is directly related to the occurrence of caries. Therefore, some people are less prone to cavities, and some patients are always plagued by repeated dental caries.

Normally, neatly arranged, intact and smooth teeth have strong self-cleaning ability and are not easy to retain food residues and bacteria. The newly erupted teeth have more potholes on the surface, not fully calcified, and low caries resistance, which is why the prevalence of caries in children is higher.

Saliva is also very important to oral health. It has many functions such as mechanical cleaning, buffering, dilution, lubrication, regulation of mineralization, and immune defense. It is of great significance in preventing caries.

In summary, caries does vary from person to person. If you belong to a person who has caries, don’t be discouraged. You should strengthen your daily oral health maintenance. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, use dental floss, and brush for maintenance. , Regular oral inspections are important to maintain oral health.

As long as you persevere, you will definitely benefit for life.

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