Week of Workouts: March 2022

Last week was a great week of workouts! It was probably the best week of workouts I’ve had in a long time and I know that’s because most of them took place at Burn Boot Camp… in person!

It felt so, so good to be back at Burn because there is no replacing the energy I feel when I take a fitness class in a group exercise environment. My garage and at-home workouts will always be there (and I love them!) but returning to Burn in person made me realize how much I missed it over the course of the past 2 years.

Last week was also the first time I managed to get five workouts in during a week in more than 2.5 years. It honestly wasn’t my goal to work out every week day last week but it felt great to be back in a little bit of a rhythm. I’m sure next week I will return to my usual 3-workouts-per-week routine but hopefully having a few more workouts to share in today’s post will give you guys more workouts to save or turn to when you’re looking for a little workout inspiration, too!

Week of Workouts: May 2022

upper body workout

I shared this garage workout last Monday in my real-time blog post but it was a good one! I am most consistent in my Monday workouts because I love beginning the week with a sweat. It sets the tone for the week ahead in a positive way and this workout was a good one. It focused on my biceps, triceps and shoulders and ended with a one-song burner thanks to this YouTube video from Nicole Pearce.

  • Tuesday: Burst Training Workout


Tuesday I almost opted out of a workout but the mid-morning boot camp class fit in perfectly in my morning between Rhett’s MyGym class and a grocery run I wanted to sneak in before Ryder’s preschool pickup. The stars aligned so I made it happen. It was actually my first burst training workout at Burn Boot Camp in years! I typically skip some of the higher-intensity cardio days at Burn but this one reminded me that cardio can be fun, especially in the Burn Boot Camp environment which keeps everything moving and eliminates any possibility of boredom.

  • Wednesday: Leg Day Workout

On Wednesday morning, I set my alarm and made it to Burn Boot Camp to join a friend for a workout at 5:30 a.m. Something about knocking out a leg day workout before the day begins gives me a sense of accomplishment I don’t get from other workouts and it felt great to be done by 6:15 a.m. Also, I know this may sound odd, but while I’ve really enjoyed my at-home workouts, when it comes to leg day, I feel 1,000 times more motivated to opt for heavier weights when I complete a leg strength workout in a group exercise environment. There’s no replacing the push I get from surrounding myself with energy from other people!

  • Thursday: Athletic Conditioning Workout

Thursday was another cardio workout that I completed at Burn Boot Camp. Truth time: I did this workout solely for the 45 minutes of “me time” in my morning. I felt like I really needed a break from everything and took advantage of childcare at Burn and emerged 45 minutes later feeling a million times better. Endorphins are legit, I’m tellin’ ya!

burn boot camp arm workout

On Friday morning I headed back to Burn for an arm workout that focused primarily on biceps and triceps. My triceps were on fire at the end of this one! (Note: If I would’ve put more thought into last week’s workouts, I would’ve ideally swapped a cardio session or Friday’s arm day for a chest and back workout but I’ll just prioritize chest and back as my first workout this week.)

My mom, sister and nieces were in town and we spent our day at a local farm and around our house! We went on a short walk to the park in our neighborhood but I didn’t do a traditional workout.

Same as the above! No traditional workout happened but we went on a walk to the marina with all of the kids in tow!

Question of the Day

What was your favorite workout of the week last week?