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Through quarantine, I think a lot of us have lost a lot of our motivation (myself included), and have fallen out of our normal habits and sometimes we need to mentally reset and focus on something to find that motivation again.

Enter: The Bad Yogi Studio 30 Day Yoga Challenge!

September is Yoga Awareness Month, and we thought we should do something to celebrate and have decided to do a 30-day yoga challenge inside Bad Yogi Studio.

This will be a really fun and healthy “distraction” from the year. This will put a goal in front of us that’s ALL about us. This will keep you focused on the present and your goals. 

For all the details, watch this little life update from me, below.

The #badyogistudio30dyc starts Tuesday, September 1. Just sign up below so we can send you everything you need. 

Here’s a Recap of What You’ll Get:

  • A 30-Day Yoga Calendar to guide you through the month of September- expect a mix of the Community’s FAVORITE classes, ranging from 20-40 minutes; NEW classes not yet published inside Bad Yogi Studio + a weekly meditation
  • Weekly emails to keep you motivated
  • The chance to win some pretty cool prizes at the end of the month, just for participating and holding yourself and the community accountable
  • Added entries for our giveaways just by posting your journey on Instagram with the hashtag #badyogistudio30dyc

What are you waiting for? Commit to YOU the entire month of September and sign up for the Bad Yogi Studio 30 Day Yoga Challenge with me and the Bad Yogi Community. See you on the inside!

Not a member but really want to play along? Sign up for Bad Yogi Studio at or via your App Store.

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