New Year, New Goals: 2023

Wow! I can’t believe that 2022 is almost over. 🙂

I wanted to send a quick note to wish you a happy and healthy New Year, as well as share a few updates!

I love this time of year… the end of the year is always an amazing opportunity to reflect, let go of the past, dream, and plan for the future.

For me, the New Year is always a great time to start fresh!

While the current world events have continued to be challenging to say the least, I am choosing to focus on the lessons learned and opportunities to heal, because no matter what is going on in our world and our lives, the opportunities to learn and heal are ever present.

Over the past few years, world circumstances, my readers, my own health challenges, as well as my clients, friends, colleagues, team members and family, have all helped me evolve in so many ways as a human being, healer, friend, leader, bosslady, wife, daughter, sister, and a mommy.

Healing Update and a Personal Note

Back in 2017 and 2018, when I was pregnant with my son, I thought that my life wouldn’t change one bit. I thought that I would continue traveling the world and leading a super-productive life. 🙂 After all, if some babies sleep through the night at three months, certainly my baby would inherit my love of sleep and sleep at three months as well. Boy, was I wrong!

My sweet son didn’t sleep through the night until he was almost three (and inspired my deep dive research into how to resolve sleep issues, which I shared in my article Sleep Solutions for Hashimoto’s). I published my third book right before he turned one, and let me tell you, doing live interviews during the day while waking up every two hours all night, every night, was tough!

I was grateful to have released my Hashimoto’s Food Pharmacology cookbook, as I knew it would help a lot of people (and has indeed helped many)… but after the book launch experience, I had resolved to put my public speaking and book writing endeavors on hold until my son started sleeping through the night consistently.

Since the beginning of 2021, my big boy now sleeps a solid 11-12 hours (for most of 2021, I actually slept about the same amount, and even napped with him during the day to allow my body to rebalance from sleep deprivation). He also goes to preschool now (I can’t believe he will be 5 soon), so that means I’ve had more time and space to work on my passion projects!

I am excited to share that I finished my fourth book (also known as my first book as a mommy) in April of 2022, and it will be released in April 2023! The book is based on one of my programs, and I am so excited to get it out into the world so that more people can heal! Stay tuned for announcements in mid-January.

Over the past few years, I have shared that my little family and I have had some health challenges. Fortunately for my husband and our son, most of them resolved when we moved to sea level (see my post from December 2021), but moving states and homes was not an easy feat! We are hoping to feel more settled in 2023. 🙂

My health was pretty stable at the end of 2021, but then my newly weaned preschooler ended up catching a few bugs in preschool, and then I got super behind on my book deadlines, and then I kind-of forgot to take my maintenance supplements, and I also got into drinking rosé wine after weaning my son (when in California, right?!)… so life happened, and all of a sudden, I noticed that my hormones weren’t quite right, and my periods were abnormal. I had skin breakouts, dry skin, and a little bit of extra weight.

My hair started to shed, and I felt more cold. I was also more moody than my usual self. I turned 40 this year, and I wasn’t sure if getting older was the cause behind all of this, or whether I could do something about it… I tested my thyroid hormones first, but they were perfectly fine, so I did some additional functional medicine testing.

I took the Great Plains Laboratory toxicity test (GPL-TOX), which revealed elevations in metabolites of various toxins (courtesy of living in a big city and next to an airport), as well as the Great Plains Laboratory Organic Acids test (GPL-OAT), that revealed I had yeast overgrowth in my body (courtesy of California wine!).

I decided to follow my own Liver Reset (I used to repeat the Liver Reset at least once a year, but I hadn’t done it since before I got pregnant), and experienced some remarkable results.

My emotions initially worsened, then stabilized by Day 4 of the Liver Reset. I got more energy and motivation by Day 2, and by Day 6, my skin looked younger! This makes sense, as skin is our primary detox organ and can get burdened with toxins. I thought I was just getting older.

Like many other Reset participants, I lost about 4 lbs in two weeks! I had never lost weight before on the same Liver Reset, but when I did it before, I was always at an ideal weight. This time around, I was about 15 lbs over my ideal weight, so I welcomed the release of this extra weight!

When I retested myself with the toxicity test, all of the toxins were gone – in just two weeks. 🙂 If you are interested in supporting your liver with a Reset, enter your email below and I will send you the details when my next program enrollment opens up in February 2023.

The hair loss and cold symptoms didn’t get significantly better after the Liver Reset, so I tested my ferritin levels (marker of iron storage), as well as my gut (with the GI-MAP test).

I found that I had low ferritin levels and that I had a gut infection I needed to treat (it was draining my iron stores). I worked on treating my gut with antimicrobials and antifungals to address the infection and yeast overgrowth, as well as restored my iron levels, and I felt like that really helped my symptoms.

So I have had a chance to heal, and a chance to learn, this year. 🙂

My health is now stable again, and I hope to focus more on natural beauty (remineralizing my teeth after pregnancy, nursing, and all that coffee is a high priority), as well as getting back to my work on food sensitivities and resetting my nervous system from the pandemic (this has already been a work-in-progress over the past two years). These were actually my health goals for 2022, but I had more urgent needs!

This year, I continued in my growth as a healer, and have learned additional solutions for new conditions that I had encountered in my personal life, and/or had previously struggled with solving for some of my more challenging clients.

My goal is to be able to help 80 percent of people feel at least 80 percent better. I share this information with you in my weekly newsletters because, unlike some practitioners who write their web content to make you aware of the problem so that you will schedule a time to consult with them for the solution, I don’t have much time for consulting these days.

Thus, my articles are focused on giving you real solutions, without having to consult with me. I’m in the business of putting myself out of business. 😉

That said, I am also committed to providing support with my programs.

My commitment has always been to serve the underserved, and it’s been a fulfillment of my dream to be able to share these resources with you throughout the year, and hear the stories of how they have impacted your life.

In case you missed some of my recent healing resources, I’d love to highlight a few that have made a big difference in people’s lives, to give you another opportunity to learn and heal.


  • Hashimoto’s and Sleep Apnea: Research suggests that 25-66 percent of people with Hashimoto’s also have sleep apnea! I have known for a while about sleep apnea being a trigger for Hashimoto’s, but I’ve recently learned of new solutions for it. 🙂 This updated article discusses how sleep quality affects Hashimoto’s, the symptoms and risk factors of sleep apnea, how to test for sleep apnea, and conventional and root cause approaches to improving sleep apnea.
  • Approach to Fibrocystic Breasts with Hashimoto’s: Fibrocystic breasts are common, and symptoms can be painful. However, conventional medicine is lacking in terms of support, and alternative medicine practitioners often recommend high-dose iodine, which is often problematic for Hashimoto’s. Because of fibrocystic breasts’ connection to estrogen, and the connection between estrogen dominance and Hashimoto’s, it probably won’t come as much of a surprise that you have a higher chance of developing fibrocystic breasts if you have Hashimoto’s. Because the health of our breasts and the health of our thyroid are deeply connected, I wrote an article to help you uncover root cause approaches for improved breast health.
  • Air Quality and Hashimoto’s: Is the Air You’re Breathing Making You Sick?: You probably already know that breathing in smoky air from forest fires or living close to an airport can expose us to large amounts of outdoor air pollution, which in turn can lead to health problems. But did you know that your indoor air could also be toxic and contributing to thyroid-related health problems? Check out this article to learn more about airborne toxins, how these can affect your body, and how to improve the air quality in your home.
  • Flame Retardants: People with Hashimoto’s may be especially sensitive to chemicals, and flame retardants are unfortunately found in many day-to-day household items. I wrote this article because I wanted to help people (especially those with thyroid issues) understand how they may be exposed to flame retardant chemicals, how this can be tied to health consequences, how to assess their possible toxicity levels, and how to reduce their toxic load. I’m passionate about this topic, and hope it helps people understand that some simple changes in their home and routines can really make a difference in the way they feel!
  • Fundamental Gut Health Protocol: Bloating, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and acid reflux were only a few of the long list of symptoms I experienced before my Hashimoto’s diagnosis. Once I began to discover the connection between the gut and Hashimoto’s, I realized that I had an important key in my hands to help me unlock my own remission. Read this article on gut health to learn more about the connections between gut and thyroid health, how to assess your gut health, and how to heal using my Fundamental Gut Health Protocol. This protocol was shared in my 2017 book Hashimoto’s Protocol, and I have finally found the time to publish it online. 🙂
  • Myo-Inositol Can Improve Hashimoto’s Symptoms When Used with Selenium: Did you know that therapeutic dosages of two nutrients, selenium and myo-inositol, can reduce thyroid antibodies and thyroid symptoms? Some people have seen their TSH levels drop, or have gone into unmedicated remission, after supplementing with selenium and myo-inositol together. In this updated article, I share some valuable information about supplementing with myo-inositol, and discuss the research that shows how myo-inositol and selenium work synergistically to reduce thyroid antibodies.

New Supplements

  • Rootcology Selenium + Myo-Inositol – Based on the exciting research about the synergy between selenium and myo-inositol, I formulated this brand new supplement to support optimal thyroid function and reduce thyroid antibodies. This is a great option for those looking to support immune health, hormone balance, and metabolic health.
  • Rootcology Gut R&R – This is a gut healing powder that contains L-glutamine, zinc and numerous soothing herbs.
  • Rootcology Systemic Enzymes – This supplement contains a combination of herbs, nutrients, and proteolytic enzymes that support the clearance of circulating immune complexes, self antibodies, food antibodies, and even thyroid nodules.


Helping others heal is truly my life’s purpose, and I am so grateful and proud of the work that my team and I are able to do to help you heal.

Throughout 2022, I focused on releasing my popular courses that have now gone on to help thousands of people take back their health. Such programs include:

The Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program (est. 2014)

Over the last several years, this comprehensive program has had phenomenal outcomes, including the following:

  • 97 percent improved their knowledge of Hashimoto’s
  • 81 percent saw an improvement/resolution in depression
  • 80 percent saw a reduction in stomach pain
  • 75 percent saw a reduction in joint pain
  • 74 percent saw an improvement in fatigue
  • 73 percent saw a reduction in TSH
  • 71 percent improved their acid reflux

The Root Cause Reset (est. 2017)

I am so proud of the consistent results this program gets with helping people feel better in just two weeks. 🙂 Here’s a breakdown of the improvements people who implemented the program had experienced:

  • Weight gain – 83 percent
  • Night sweats – 78 percent
  • Depression – 78 percent
  • Fatigue – 78 percent
  • Anxiety – 77 percent
  • Mental fog – 76 percent
  • Joint pain – 76 percent
  • Chemical sensitivity – 76 percent
  • Acid reflux – 75 percent

The Adrenal Transformation Program (est. 2020)

I am so proud of the participants of the program who had diligently followed it and had reported the following results (in just six weeks!):

  • Brain fog – 92 percent improvement
  • Fatigue – 89 percent improvement
  • Forgetfulness – 89 percent improvement
  • Anxiety – 86 percent improvement
  • Irritability – 85 percent improvement
  • Sleep – 81 percent improvement

I usually release this program twice per year, but I think I will only be able to release it once in 2023. I don’t have a confirmed launch date yet, but if you are interested in joining it, you can sign up to receive a notification about it by filling out the form here.

Here are a few comments from program participants who had joined in 2022:

“Dr. Wentz and her team and very knowledgeable and helpful. They provided insight and assistance throughout the entire program. Her explanations were like a light bulb going off and thinking to myself that makes total sense why I’m doing or not doing something. Then slowly as the program progressed certain struggles went away! Thank you Dr. Wentz and team for all of the help and insight I feel so much better!” – Christie M.

“The biggest improvement has been my sleep and and fatigue. So much better!! The Adrenal Transformation Program really is a well laid out and very helpful program. In the last 6 weeks I have learned a lot about myself and the triggers to a lot of my health issues. The biggest improvements for me have been being able to sleep at night and feeling rested!! I have suffered from insomnia for years!! The supplements and the program really worked for me. The workbooks really get you actively learning and changing as you set the time aside each day….you have to put the work in….but the time investment is worth it!! Thank you to Dr. Wentz and the whole team.” – Kim B.

Social Media Posts

This year, I’ve also been more active on social media. During my first four years as a mommy, I spent 95 percent of my days makeup free in a mom-bun and yoga pants, so it has been fun dressing up and recording helpful videos again.

Heck, I may even do a few podcasts next year. 😉

In the meantime, come say hello on Facebook, where I am thinking about doing Facebook lives again in 2023.

I would also love for you to check out my Instagram feed for quick and helpful tips! Some of the more popular recent posts were:

I also recently joined TikTok – if you are on that social platform, I would love to know which of my posts are the most helpful. I am still trying to figure that out. 🙂 A recent post that I released is about health foods that could be an issue with Hashimoto’s, so do check it out!

And last but not least, I’ve been more active on Pinterest too, where I’ve been sharing some of my favorite memes, like Tips to Banish Brain Fog — if you’re on Pinterest, I’d love to connect!

These are all wonderful spaces for finding resources, sharing tips, and interacting with others in the Thyroid Pharmacist community.

What’s on the Horizon for 2023

I’m excited for the new resources I’ve been working on for the upcoming year! If you’re interested in enrolling in one of my programs and/or want to stay on top of other important information, sign up for my newsletter here if you have not yet done so, to get enrollment links for programs, discounts and more!

New Book

I will be making an official announcement about my new book on January 15th. 🙂 Keep your eyes out!

New Course

I have also been working on a brand new course, the Gut Recovery Program, which is focused on the gut and thyroid connection. It has been a long time in the making! We have a small group enrolled in the course right now, and I hope to be releasing the course to everyone in 2023. You can sign up for the interest list here so that you can be the first to be notified about its release. This course will have a limited enrollment, as it is the closest thing to working with me one-on-one!

In the meantime, I want to share a summary of some important dates in 2023:

  • January 2023: I will be offering a major discount on my tried and tested Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program in January. I usually open the program up for enrollment four times per year, but won’t have the chance to offer it as many times in 2023, as I am coming out with some brand new healing resources, courtesy of good sleep and preschool. 🙂 If you are ready to take back your health, I encourage you to enroll in the Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program in January and do it at your own pace! I will be sending out enrollment links in early January, to those subscribed to my weekly newsletter.
  • Jan 15th – April 18th: As part of my upcoming book launch, I will be hosting live Q&A sessions on my social platforms! See more info about my social handles above.
  • February 2023: I’ll be sending out information on how you can join our Liver Reset Program. I usually offer the program twice per year, but as I’m coming out with a new book, I won’t have much space for it this year – so if you are interested in joining, please sign up to be notified of its launch.
  • April 2023: My new book will be published! I can’t wait to share it!

New Articles

Here are the articles I hope to publish in 2023. As always, my newsletter subscribers will be the first to read them. 🙂

  • Reducing TSH naturally: I’m excited to share that I have learned about a few unique options for reducing TSH. While these options are not appropriate for everyone, I will review who may benefit from the various options out there, and how to use them for best results.
  • Resolving acid reflux: I was reflux free for quite some time after removing dairy from my diet, but when I was pregnant, I developed acid reflux again, which can be common because of the pressure pushing on the stomach. I tried many remedies, including testing for new food sensitivities. Lo and behold, the test revealed that I was sensitive to a host of new and different foods, including chicken and salmon. Once I cut them out, my reflux was gone again. For many people, getting to the root of gut health issues, such as low stomach acid, food sensitivities, and infections, can resolve acid reflux. I’ll share a comprehensive plan with you in 2023.
  • Restoring iron and ferritin levels: Iron is an important nutrient for thyroid health, yet it is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies seen in people with Hashimoto’s. Hair loss and lack of energy are common symptoms of both anemia (a type of iron/ferritin deficiency) and Hashimoto’s. Iron deficiencies, infections, low stomach acid, hormone imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies – all common in Hashimoto’s – can be potential causes of anemia. I’ll be sharing a guide to restore your ferritin/iron levels using a root cause approach!
  • GI-MAP testing: I’ve been studying the connections between Blastocystis hominis (Blasto) and Hashimoto’s for years (discussed in this article) – and over time, more and more research has come to light supporting my research that there are definitive links between gut infections and autoimmune disease. If you have Hashimoto’s, chronic hives, IBS, and/or multiple food sensitivities, you may have Blasto as an underlying root cause… If you can get rid of Blasto, you may be able to get your Hashimoto’s into remission (especially in the early stages, before damage to the thyroid occurs). I recommend the GI-MAP stool test for most clients, and we have collected and analyzed data from 298 tests. My upcoming articles will discuss these findings, as well as current research in light of the connection between gut infections and Hashimoto’s.
  • Copper toxicity: Years ago, I experienced copper toxicity and found myself struggling as I tried to safely clear my body of this toxin. After some trial and error, I had to find other, more natural ways for my body to heal. Copper toxicity is a common root cause of Hashimoto’s that can contribute to insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, racing thoughts, and acne – yet conventional practitioners may not test for it when a patient presents with these types of symptoms. Keep an eye out for my article, where I’ll share information on causes, symptoms, and testing options, as well as how to combat copper toxicity.
  • Nursing Mother’s Formulary: In my early days of working as a pharmacist, I often encountered worried moms who wanted to know if the medications and supplements they were taking, were safe for their little nurslings. This has inspired me over the years to learn as much as I can in order to help Hashimoto’s mamas make the best decisions for their health. This article discusses how to use thyroid medications when pregnant and breastfeeding, what vitamins and minerals are safe to use while nursing, what liver and adrenal support options are available for nursing mothers, and more. I can’t wait to share this one with you!

I’ve spent a lot of time over the past few years studying additional root causes and solutions, and how to heal various conditions. I’m excited to share them with you when the time comes.

Many of the root causes and solutions I’ve shared above are covered in great detail in my Hashimoto’s Self-Management Program. (As mentioned earlier, I’m excited to re-open enrollment for this in the new year, so that you can learn how to take back your health!)

I have high hopes of sharing what I learned in deeply researched and fact-checked future books that ensure that no stone is left unturned, but for now, I may start with a few articles.

Anything in particular you’d like to see me cover?

It’s been an honor to serve you, and I hope that these resources have been helpful on your journey. If you have had an “aha” moment or success story from any of them, I’d love to hear about it!

And to ensure that we stay in touch in the new year, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. By signing up for it here, you will also receive recipes, a diet guide, and the Nutrient Depletions chapter of my New York Times bestselling patient guide, Hashimoto’s: The Root Cause.

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