Shout out to Small Hospitals

I’m a small-time doc in a small town and I work at a small hospital in the Midwest, and I’m proud of it. The huge university hospitals (like Cleveland Clinic) get all the glory (especially in society and in the press), but it is small hospitals like mine that drive this country.

Been really weird working at a small hospital, where it seems like the emotions are more magnified than in the big city. A year ago, it seems like every day there was a local community group bringing food or bringing treats for the hospital workers. Nationally, there was this outcry to recognize those in the medical field. 

And, then, something changed. Now, for some reason, both nationally and locally, medical workers are seen as “the problem,” and there is a lot of negative emotion directed as us. And, it seems locally, it seems like that negative emotion is magnified. Why did that happen and how did we get here?

As I wrote previously, despite all the headaches of what I do, I still love my job. But, I definitely understand and I empathize with those who have left the medical field altogether. We have our own unique labor shortage and labor crisis. Paraphrasing from the restaurant industry, “Everyone is short staffed. Be kind to those who show up for work.”

So, shout out to all those in the medical industry working in small towns and in small hospitals. I see you out there, and we see you out there. I know you are hurting physically and emotionally these days. Stay strong, ask for help if you need it, and stay safe. Thanks for reading this, and I hope that you are having a good day….