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August 2, 2019

Beer has come a long way since the days of your grandfather’s Budweiser. Craft beer is exploding and it seems like every major city has dozens of can’t-miss breweries. Of course, Albuquerque has stepped up to the brewery plate in its own way, delivering home-run hops at every corner of town. Since August 2 is International Beer Day, we thought this would be the perfect time to highlight some of Albuquerque’s most notable breweries, and shed some light on whether or not that delicious, juicy, double-hopped IPA is having an impact on your hoppy smile.

Best Breweries In Albuquerque

Best Breweries in Albuquerque

1. Bow & Arrow Brewing Co.

Thanks to its awesome outdoor space and accessible downtown location, Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. has become a favorite of Albuquerque residents and people who are just passing through this fine city. The interior is kitschy-yet-catchy, making it a great place to meet up with friends or colleagues after the workday is done. Thanks to its warm and welcoming vibe, you can expect this spot to be busy, so go early if you plan to catch a seat around happy hour!

2. La Cumbre Brewing Company

With its eclectic and open space, La Cumbre Brewing Company offers plenty of room to accommodate a large group of friends, but it is also the perfect space for someone flying solo. This conversation-friendly brewery inspires you to socialize while enjoying some of the best beer in the state of New Mexico. From IPAs to stouts to sours, you’ll surely find something here that suits your taste.

3. Bosque Brewing Public House

True to its name, Bosque Brewing Public House is a place made for the people. With an array of seating options and communal seating, this joint has risen in the ranks and become a local favorite watering hole. Come prepared to taste a specialty beer or two, and set some time aside for a flight if you can. The beers that go from light to dark will delight your palate and show you a whole new way to do beer.

4. Santa Fe Brewing Co.

That’s right. This brewery invites you to be the legend and drink the legend. Who could pass up that opportunity? Santa Fe Brewing Co. boasts of sustainability and a large menu of beers. If you’re looking for green beer (the eco-friendly kind, not the kind you would find on St. Patrick’s Day), you’ll do well to patronize this establishment. Come hungry because there are tons of yummy food establishments surrounding this brewery!

Best Breweries In Albuquerque

Is Beer Bad
for Your Teeth

With some of the best breweries in Albuquerque boasting some amazing liquid, there is sure to be one that will please your palate. But should you be worried that your favorite brew might be bad for your teeth? As they say, everything in moderation! You shouldn’t hesitate to partake in International Beer Day (if you feel inspired to do so), but be sure to brush your teeth when you get home to remove the excess sugar that may be hanging out in your mouth. Beer tooth decay is a real thing, and it often occurs when people neglect to properly brush their teeth after enjoying their favorite adult beverages. The longer you let sugar sit on your teeth, the more susceptible your enamel will be to wear and tear, which can eventually lead to decay and cavities.

Worried that you may be accumulating plaque from your recent beer endeavors? Not to worry, we’re here to help! Perfect Teeth understands that part of living a healthy and fulfilling life is to enjoy the things you love, including craft beer. Good news, you can enjoy that craft beer and have a healthy smile too! You just need to keep up with regular teeth cleanings to keep your teeth happy and healthy. Need to schedule that next dental checkup and cleaning? Request your next appointment with a one of our friendly Perfect Teeth teams near you today!