The lone nut | Pharmacist Jamie


I have had the absolute honor of speaking to many pharmacists over the past couple of months.  No joke!  I think of it as an honor.  As a pharmacist myself I know the value of a 5 minute phone call with a “consultant”.  I guess that is why I was a little hesitant at the title “Clinical Community Pharmacist Consultant”.  Regardless of the title I get to connect with practicing pharmacists across our country…heck even outside the states (Hi Renee!)

Through my relationships I’ve become a stronger pharmacist as well!  Pushing people to think or ReThink about things is so exciting to me!  It makes me go further and further and hopefully not off the edge.  I love you family!  Looking for inspiration in every corner I usually turn to Ted videos to reenergize.  One of my favorites is from Derek Sivers.  Ted talks have to be under twenty minutes.  Twenty minutes is the maximum time for a human being to “pay attention to something and retain it”.  Ever wonder why we have to attend so many one hour CEs…me too!  Think about the person (me) up there talking to you guys for an hour about star ratings.  Sorry off track :)!  Anyway Derek was able to deliver the most relevant Ted talk to our current practice, at least my take on our practice, in under THREE minutes.  A must see!

The video teaches us about leadership.  I swear I cannot stop laughing every time I watch this one.  There is a guy out there … the lone nut… dancing to his own beat!  Derek explains how the first follower joins in.  Their moves are fantastic.  The lone nut instructs the first follower how to wave his hands in the air like he just don’t care and move his legs and hips accordingly!  It’s a beautiful thing.  The first follower in turn invites others to join in!  Before you know it the event begins an entire dance party or flash mob.  Onlookers then feel like they are not part of the “in crowd” if the aren’t dancing.  No one wants to be on the outside looking in!

After watching the video Derek tries to reign back in the audience.  It is time for our lesson.  As I eluded to he wants to talk about leadership…so you are thinking man that lone nut was a great leader!  The real lesson is about the first follower.  The leader must be effective and show the first follower how to do.  What’s more powerful and more successful is that first follower then carrying the message and sharing with others.  Now this could result in a somewhat rendition of the old telephone game.  Brown cow may become grandma’s shoes before it comes back!  That’s the beauty!  Evolving and creating and making a difference!

You may be asking ok @pharmacistjamie how is this relevant to pharmacy?  Believe or not we at Creative Pharmacist have probably been called many things including a “lone nut”.  I do believe we are leaders in the profession.  We are always looking forward, innovating, rethinking, going past the norm!  People think we are crazy!  Maybe we are but you know what?  Our members are definitely the first followers.  I am so very proud and amazed by the stories I hear from our pharmacists.  They are taking our resources and our tools and applying to their practice and communities.  They are the real leaders in this profession!