Week of Workouts: December 2021

December is nearly over and I didn’t want to miss out on sharing a week of workouts this month. Sometimes my workouts are less consistent during holiday breaks and since I can see myself opting out of workouts a little more than usual over the next two weeks, I figured I should document last week’s workouts on the blog while I’m still in a more regular routine.

As previously mentioned, my workouts have dialed way down and I typically only work out three times a week these days — sometimes four days a week when everything aligns. It’s working well for me during this crazy phase of life!

My focus continues to be on strength training since motherhood keeps me moving a lot in my day-to-day life.

Week of Workouts: December 2021

Monday: Leg Day Workout


I was all about this workout because it left my glutes on fiiire! I don’t know what it is about that booty burn but I’m all for it and when leg workouts include a lot of glute work, I’m a fan. This workout kicked off the week on the best note!

Tuesday: Off

No workout on Tuesday!

Wednesday: Arm Day Workout (Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders)

Arm workouts = Instant workout motivation! I love them so much and knowing I’m walking into our garage about to complete a biceps, triceps and shoulder workout puts me in the best mood! Wednesday’s garage workout targeted my biceps, triceps and shoulders. It was a good one and left me with Jello arms at the end!

Thursday: Off

No workout on Thursday!

Friday: Push/Pull Workout

I headed into the garage before the boys were up again on Friday morning to stream a Burn Boot Camp workout. I did the exact same workout the previous week so I knew it was a good one. The workout was a push/pull workout that targeted my chest and back. Something about a chest and back workout always leaves me feeling fatigued but strong and I love it! I’m often tempted to skip out on training my back because I find back exercises a little boring but I’m always glad when I take the time to focus on strength training my back because I know it’s incredibly important, especially as I get older. Thankfully streaming Burn Boot Camp push/pull workouts make chest and back workouts a little more entertaining!

Saturday:  Off

No workout on Saturday unless you count spectating a race as a workout. Ha!

Sunday: Off

No workout on Sunday!

Questions of the Day

Are your workouts consistent through the holidays or do you tend to dial things back a bit?