What is the difference between orthodontics in children and adults?

Orthodontics do not discriminate at any age. The best time for children to make orthodontic their teeth should be after the permanent teeth have fully erupted. But as you get older, it becomes more difficult to correct your teeth, and the recovery time will also be longer.

What is the difference between child and adult orthodontics?

  1. Extend the period of orthodontic treatment

Adult teeth have exceeded the growth and development period, and their metabolism will become slower and slower. In addition, the speed of tooth movement will also slow down, which increases the difficulty of correction and prolongs the period of correction. Adults generally need 2 to 3-year orthodontic treatment period, there will be even longer.

  1. The effect of deformity correction will be affected

When adults do orthodontic treatment, the effect and the difficulty of the method will increase. For example, if there is anterior cross bite, if it is corrected at the peak of physical development, it can effectively avoid the underdevelopment of the maxilla and prevent the excessive development of the mandible. If the patient has underdevelopment of the maxilla and excessive development of the mandible, even with orthodontic treatment, the face shape cannot be better corrected, and the patient’s appearance can only be changed through orthographic surgery.

  1. Increase the difficulty of correction

During adulthood, it is easy to suffer from a variety of dental diseases. When suffering from periodontal disease, periodontal treatment must be carried out, and care must be taken during the diagnosis and treatment process. Do a full crown repair, otherwise it will have a certain impact on the adhesion of the brackets. If the adult caries is very serious, it is necessary to extract the caries, which increases the difficulty of correction.

  1. The requirements for aesthetics will increase

Most adults make orthodontic treatment of their teeth in pursuit of aesthetics, especially for special occupations, such as hosts or actors, who cannot accept the impact of wearing braces on their appearance. Invisible corrections can solve this problem, but also increase the cost of corrections.

  1. The time required to maintain is longer

Because of their own health and age, adults use more teeth. After the tooth has moved to the desired position, it must be stabilized in the new position by wearing a retainer, otherwise it will cause the tooth to return to its original position. The time for adults to do orthodontic treatment is much longer than that of children, especially for patients with periodontal disease, the time will be longer, and some patients even need to maintain it for life.


It takes longer for adults to do orthodontic treatment than children, the difficulty will increase, and the cost will also increase, so timely orthodontic treatment is very important.

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