🎄12 Marketing Tools to Help Your Dental Practice Thrive This Holiday Season and Beyond

Tis the season of giving, and in that spirit, we have collected a list of marketing freebies for 12 days of giving for your dental team. Take some time this season to share these pieces with your team to help get everyone in the giving spirit.

Day 1 – Our Free 2023 Marketing Strategies Guide 

We know as well as you do how challenging patient communication and practice marketing can be. To help dental teams be better prepared to face this challenge in the New Year, we created the 2023 Patient Communication Inspiration Guide. Ensure your 2023 patient communication and marketing goes smoothly with this guide. Our guide is a 12-month calendar with relevant topics, holidays, and post ideas to help you with your patient communication and marketing all year long.

Day 2 – Dental Nachos Facebook Community

Do you want to connect with your peers, get advice on common practice problems, and more? Then joining a dental Facebook Community can be great for you. One of our favorite free dental communities on Facebook is Dental Nachos. Dental Nachos has nearly 45 thousand members, all of whom are dental professionals. These members can share problems with the group publicly or anonymously. No matter what stage of your career you are in, Dental Nachos offers practice advice, special dental content and exclusive product and service promos.

Day 3 – 2023 New Year’s Training Camp to Pump Up Your Practice

Is your team looking for ways to pump up your practice? If so, our First FREE New Year’s Training Camp is the place to be. This virtual camp lasts for 3 weeks and includes videos, workbooks, quizzes and more to help dental teams learn how to set practice goals and achieve them. And if you need more incentive, we will give away over $1500 in prizes during the camp.

A female dentist checking on a young boys teeth

Day 4 – 4 Patients Dental practices Encounter (and How to Win Their Hearts and Business)

To help you prepare for all the different patients you will see in 2023, check out this blog post. Learning about some common patient types can help you know what you’re up against. The best way to treat different kinds of patients is to understand them. This blog can help you understand and treat your patients better.

Day 5 – Our Office Manager Appreciation Kit 

Your office manager keeps your practice running. What would you do without yours? Make sure to take some time during this holiday season to show your office manager exactly how much you appreciate them. To help you out, we have our Free Office Manager Appreciation Kit. It has tips to help you know how to thank your office managers during the holidays and all year round.

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Day 6 – Dental Equipment Donation

If you are looking to do some good during the season of giving, then this resource is for you! There are so many people in the world that need dental care. You can help these individuals get the care they need by donating old dental equipment.

Day 7 – Fun Facts

Have some fun on day 7 with some dental fun facts. Some of these things can be useful in patient communication and marketing too. Share fun facts in emails or social posts to grab patients’ attention and stay top of mind.

Day 8 – Our Free Gum Disease Awareness Kit

Make sure your patients start the new year with an understanding of how important oral hygiene is. This is one of our most popular kits and has so many great resources to help you educate patients. Use the handout, social posts and more to help your patients take charge of their oral health. Get your Free Gum Disease Awareness Kit here.

Day 9 – Canva

Canva makes design easy. It is user-friendly, and free. They have premade templates that you can use to create holiday cards, social media posts, practice posters and more! You have dental expertise, and Canva has the design expertise to help your practice attract and retain patients.

Day 10- 3 Keys to Convert More Calls into New Patients

Do you ever feel like you get tons of calls, but struggle to get callers to schedule an appointment? Take some time to go over our 3 Keys to Convert More Calls into New Patients blog to start getting more conversions from your phone calls.

Day 11- Google’s Holiday Hub

Google’s new Holiday Hub helps small business get in front of potential customers. Take advantage of the free resources to help potential customers find your practice. Or use it to get your holiday shopping done faster than ever!

Day 12 – Free ProSites Consultation

To learn more about how ProSites can help you grow your practice sign up for a free consultation with a trusted advisor! These no-obligation consultations take you through exactly what to expect with ProSites services and all the ways they benefit practices like yours. Including:

  • Saving time and resources
  • Increasing patient count
  • Increasing profits
  • And more!

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