Free Download – 2022 Diabetes Guidelines Cheat Sheet

I recently blogged about my thoughts on the new diabetes guidelines. After that post, my friend Derek Borkowski who is the founder of messaged me to offer followers of the Meded101 blog a free download. He’s put together a phenomenal resource with his 2022 Diabetes Guidelines Cheat Sheet.

Simply signing up for a new free account will get you this resource for free, but he’s also offered a free look at the first page (below) to share some medication education with all of you. I’m greatly appreciative of this as my entire mission is to empower and educate pharmacists to perform at the top of their game. So take advantage of the 2022 Diabetes Guidelines Cheat Sheet and make sure you are up to speed with all the recent changes!

To download the entire PDF for free, simply create an account at using this link.

2020 Diabetes Guideline Cheat Sheet – Page 1

In addition to the full 2022 Diabetes Guidelines Cheat Sheet, he is offering several other FREE cheat sheets including;

  • Inhalers Chart
  • Statins Chart
  • Asthma GINA Guidelines Cheat Sheet
  • COPD GOLD Guidelines Cheat Sheet
  • Hypertension Guidelines Cheat Sheet
  • Muscle Relaxants Cheat Sheet

To download all of these PDFs for free, simply create an account at using this link.